Life Coaching

Sessions are offered for personal and professional development including assertiveness, raising self-awareness, stress management, anger management, transforming the negative into a positive force, listening skills, communication skills, finding oneself, life coaching, relaxation. The service is offered to groups as well as individuals. Please click here for more details.

Training, Workshops and Seminars

Training is provided in various settings and many different ways including workshops or seminars. These are examples of training.
  1. Cross-cultural issues
  2. Communication skills
  3. Psychological issues
  4. Mental health issues

Group work

The service includes support group or median group work, in which people can discuss and explore specific issues over a certain period of time, gaining support from each other. If there are particular issues or topics that interest you, please contact.


Training, tutorials and supervision are available to psychotherapists and counsellors. Please contact for further information.

Experience in this area

Examples of experience in organisational development consultancy and training include:

  • Consultancy on cross-cultural relationships within organisations in the UK
  • Consultancy on cross-cultural communication between local and Japanese staff for Japanese companies in the UK
  • Cultural awareness, anxiety management and preparation for business trips to Japan
  • Consultancy on cultural awareness for working with Japanese staff within a company
  • Training on cultural awareness and staff development in working with Japanese customers for British companies
  • Consultancy and training on how to support overseas students in higher education
  • Workshop on cross-cultural counselling
  • Workshop on mental health issues and cultural adaptation for the Japanese community
  • Talk on midlife crisis for the Japanese community
  • Talk on how to support elderly people in depression
  • Talk on reverse culture shock for JET programme
  • Talk on "Japanese cross-cultural adaptation", Richmond College, London
  • Consultancy on cross-cultural issues for production
  • EAP Counselling