Organisational Consultancy


Organisational development consultancy


Consultancy on multiculturalism

Consultancy is provided to media, productions or agents in order to give insights into multiculturalism. Consultation can be tailored for the needs of the customers.

Working with interpersonal issues and group dynamics


Interpersonal problems in organisations can affect motivation of the staff and productivity. Consultancy is offered in order to facilitate the staff to explore and work on difficulties and how their problems can be solved, by looking into the group dynamics and communication patterns in organisations. It also explores how people can use their own resources and potentials effectively.

Diversity and multiculturalism in organisations


Working across cultures can cause stress, and workers from different cultures are apt to have difficulties and conflicts. The quality of the relationships at work can affect productivity and efficiency. It is essential to understand the role of group dynamics in the work environment and to develop strategies to deal with the conflict and miscommunication generated by cultural differences; this enables difference and diversity to act as a positive force within the organisation.

Mental health issues in organisations


Nowadays mental health issues in organisations inevitably have to be tackled. It helps to identify where problems arise and to explore how to create a healthy environment as well as to address stress management in the workplace.

Japan-UK issues in organisations


British and Japanese staff experience vast cultural differences. For instance, the concepts of team building and group dynamics can be viewed differently between individualistic and collectivistic societies. For successful organisational development, it is essential to understand problems arising from cultural differences and to explore how to resolve them.